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15 Green Eco-Friendly WordPress Themes for Green, Organic, Eco-Friendly Business, WooCommerce, Food Websites 2017

In order to appreciate something of great importance, you must first imagine your life without that specific thing, or factor. As humans, we get to enjoy the benefits of our own ingenuity and perseverance, but we are far from perfect. The truth is that we are on the brink of global change, a change that cannot be offset, not even by our impressive problem-solving abilities. The nature of these changes dictates that they cannot be reversed, but they can be prevented. To understand the importance of the environment, we must first understand our luck.

An exercise is often proposed: think of going into space, pick a direction, and start walking. For billions upon billions of kilometers, it is the very embodiment of hell. Cold that would instantly freeze any life, heat that can make even our own Sun seem like a snowballs. Add that to radiation, and gravity that would literally rip your molecules apart. For the most part, this is our Universe. The reason that we are not subjected to these forces, is because we live on an oasis. This Pale Blue Dot as some have called it, nurtures and provides everything that we might need, shelters us from harmful energy, and fills our lungs with fresh air.

However, even the good Earth is somewhat unstable. It seems eternal because we only get to live about 80 years or so, but the reality contradicts our perception. It is a moving system that fluctuates, and sometimes the Earth is filled with volcanoes and sulfuric acid, and sometimes it allows for life prosper. We were fortunate enough to catch it in a good mood, but our heavy industrial activity is destabilizing the system. About 9 out of 10 scientist agree that our climate is changing, and with these changes comes the possible end of our species proliferation. Gases that result from heavy industry trap heat into our atmosphere, deforestation is killing the trees that provide oxygen, and pesticides are killing aquatic life.

Depending on who you ask, this has happened about 5-6 times before. The phenomena are called mass extinctions, as they have managed to wipe out most of the life on Earth. Of course, we did not cause those. The Earth was just in one of its moody periods, and in the most famous extinction, a meteor crashed into the planet wiping out our favorite reptiles. Despite previous instances, rest assured that this time it is our fault. With the exception of a few fringe doubters, most people on Earth believe that it is time to change. The climate is like Humpty Dumpty: Once broken, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, can’t put it back together again.

However, many are filled with hope, because the same sharp wit that is fueling this problem, is also working on preventing it. Scientists and legislators aside, the common man has also decided to fight climate change. The advantage of the internet is that it gives the common man a voice. People from across the globe are banding together and expressing their opinions, and supporting what could be considered the ultimate cause. The stakes have never been higher, but the same thing can be said about our enthusiasm. Be it a professional eco-friendly company, or a humble citizen of the world, platforms on WordPress can give you a voice. How does it do it?

First, it eliminates the financial barrier. It is free to set up your account, and the premium features are affordable on even the lowliest of salaries. Second, it puts you on the stage with the biggest players. Real life is filled with paperwork, intricacy and false promises. On WordPress, you cannot be silenced or delayed, you just have to speak. This right to speak does not guarantee that you will be heard. To come back to a previous point, if a WordPress site is your voice, a theme will be your song. Themes are not simple skins, they are complex toolkits of features, widgets, and plugins that allow you to customize your page and make it more likely to receive views.

With the salvation of our environment and untold economic opportunity at stake, you really have all of the incentive you need. That being said, let’s take a look at some awesome WordPress eco-themes:



Jevelin is a beautiful and outspoken, creative and unbounded, highly customizable and readily responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is the result of a lengthy design and development process centered on providing webmasters with the most ambitious multipurpose website building platform around. Jevelin deploys numerous user-friendly website building tools to assist webmasters from all backgrounds in accomplishing professional quality results throughout their websites and pages, regardless of subject matter or niche.

Jevelin’s competent handling of high resolution visual content and embedded local or remotely hosted video, powered by HTML5, combined with its cutting edge blog technology spanning multiple layouts, dynamic AJAX powered sorting, categories and searching, as well as its intricate and complex portfolio layout combinations and customization settings make it an obvious fit for running nature websites, from nature photography or exploration journals to nature aficionado magazines and far beyond. Jevelin’s perfectly cohesive visual integration makes it a breezy matter to coordinate graphical settings across your entire website or to create special, different pages, sections or elements with unique styling as you see fit, allowing for easy on the go categorization of your content. Beautiful Parallax background visual effects will make your landscape vistas come alive and connect with your audience. Try Jevelin now!

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Organik is a WordPress theme specialized in food, farm and bakery stores. It is a tool meant for commercial purposes so it is WooCommerce integrated. You will get it with 6 homepages and fast data import to install. Organik uses Visual Composer as page builder and supports tons of shortcodes too. Coding skills will be replaced with drag & drop and time saving. Slider Revolution is also integrated to allow you build amazing galleries and slides. Organik lets you have fun setting amazing filters and views of products. You will have, preview, quickview, buying compare and more. Clients can look for products related and add elements to a wishlist or a shopping cart. You will even get Google Fonts and WPML compatibility to reach a worldwide clientele. Aesthetics while offering a good service are important.

Organik offers some interesting trades on visual appeal as well. Use Parallax effect on backgrounds, multiple header styles and CSS3 animations. Colors to arrange are unlimited and customizer works on real time. With all of this, you can expect this theme to be responsive. Build your dream food specialized store with documentation and support all the way. Try now this Bootstrap based and SEO optimized ingenious creation! Try Organik!

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shopkeeper - clean ecommerce theme

If you are in need of a multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce that can handle everything, look no further than Shopkeeper. This theme has some very informative and extensive documentation. If you are having trouble with the installation process, feel free to contact Shopkeeper’s friendly customer support representatives. Although it is a singular product, this theme is packed with many different features. It is like a starter kit for ambitious online merchants. High functionality and excellent design are the defining characteristics of Shopkeeper. After it is implemented, your website can safely commercialize digital and shippable products, while organizing your inventory and collecting payments. You may also use it for simple cataloging. This is due to the popular and reliable WooCommerce plugin.

Of course, your page will need to match your product niche. With such a broad spectrum of needs, Shopkeeper’s flexible framework can be a valuable asset. The advanced theme options can be finely tuned, in order to accommodate your vision.
If you are just starting out, you might want to consider some of the pre-built layouts for pages. Each of them is user-friendly, flexible, and fully customizable. This will give you an idea of how to construct your own online store.

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Eco Nature

eco nature green living woocommerce theme

Eco Nature is an ecology and environment WordPress theme that can help you create an impressive website. The ultimate goal of this product is to aid those that wish to maintain the natural balance and clean up the environment. Thanks to a large number of short code options and excellent design features, limitless solution options are offered. The portfolio options are diverse, as you get to pick the layout that you choose, including a Masonry puzzle, grids, layouts and paddings.

It should also be mentioned that for those that are seeking an ideal way of presenting their eco-friendly content, multiple Project post types and Custom Profiles are available.

Due to all of these features, the range of use for Eco nature is amazing. You are able to construct compelling pages for wildlife preservation fundraisers, organic life projects, preservation movements or member sites of the Green Earth Organization. This is all due to some impressive plugins, resulting is adaptability, performance and responsiveness. The theme includes a personalized Mega Menu Plugin, a layer slider, and a premium revolution slider, all of which were included for free, despite their costly nature. This skin is professionally supported, RTL-ready, and it lets you translate your content. Indeed, caring about the Earth is universal, and in a movement that relies on widespread support, this translation feature is more important than one might think.

In order to achieve the noble goal of natural preservation, sometimes donations are required. On a micro of macro scale, you will need support. If you think that owning a pet is expensive, try building an animal shelter. Realizing this, the developers have added features that can aid you in collecting donations safely, and efficiently. This will be possible through PayPal. The spectrum of causes has a meta-theme, but the details are varied. From promoting clean energy to combating local deforestation, your web page will need to present the facts. Given the large number of features, the theme is reasonably priced. Check out their live preview content for more information.

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The Retailer

the retailer WooCommerce theme

The Retailer is among the most popular WooCommerce themes for WordPress. You may use it to construct amazing blogs, corporate and personal sites, online stores and portfolios. Your customers will definitely appreciate the high level of detail. For more information regarding the product and the installation process you can refer to theme documentation which covers most important aspects of this theme setup and customization. It has plenty of video demonstrations and tutorials. If you experience any problem, the support staff can be easily contacted. No question is too insignificant, as they are ready to guide you through each step. The Retailer also has a couple of useful premium plugins which are included free of charge. Create amazing slides using the Slider Revolution plugin, and customize your page with the Visual Composer.

Using this theme, customers may open a brilliant online store that is sure to outshine its competition. Installing the Retailer is not difficult, as the setup process can import dummy data akin to what can be seen on demo pages. No good theme will ever embrace stagnation. With this product, customers can benefit from a limitless amount of updates, without having to pay extra fees.

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Farmvilla is a clever and well-built, sophisticated and modern, colorful and youthful, fresh-faced and highly responsive WordPress organic food website theme. Farmvilla is very much a theme for modern times, deploying a series of incredibly cutting edge tools that make the website design and creation process a highly approachable task that will take you mere minutes to complete, with seamless, impeccably executed visual stylings and functional elements that will amaze and engage your visitors, while requiring absolutely no previous coding skills or experience from you.

Farmvilla is jam-packed with usefulness, from convenient inclusion of the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, Revolution Slider premium slider and Ultimate Addons for VC plugins, Farmvilla is a customization powerhouse with a completely visual interface and a magnificent admin panel chock-full of advanced options and customization categories for you to fiddle with. Amazing out of the box WooCommerce functionality makes Farmvilla a natural salesman, perfect for organic grocers, food providers or organic catering services to easily market their wares to a massive online audience, and packaged with time-saving page templates such as the Products, the Recipe plugin to add recipes to each of your specific products, and much more. Try Farmvilla today!

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RT-Theme 19

rttheme 19 - green business theme

RT-Theme 19 is a premium, streamlined theme for WordPress that includes everything to make unique and professional green business related website. It can enhance corporate, business, product catalog, portfolio, and services web pages. It can also be used for real estate, itinerary, car rental, and hotel projects.

The RT-Theme 19, in addition to WooCommerce, can create the best online stores on the market. Be sure to access the theme demo, if you want to experience the power of the customization tools. There are many skins and demos included in the basic package, and they can easily replace your default website skin. Pages can also be stylized using the Visual Composer tool, or the Live Customizer. Either way, the result will look fantastic.

RT-Theme 19’s best feature is that it allows anyone to become an overnight expert. There is no programming or coding knowledge required, thus opening the door for ambitious entrepreneurs and inexperienced users. The entire color palette can be changed, and you may also modify the fonts and background.

This theme’s accessibility extends to a wide range of devices. Many sites can experience resizing issues, as pages need to fit different screen sizes and resolutions. Thankfully, RT-Theme 19 is completely responsive and able to showcase your items on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

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Organic Food

Organic Food is a specialized professional WordPress theme oriented to nutrition and food. It is meant for nutritionist, life and health coaches and organic food businesses. It brings you out a demo with a simple one-click import! Organic Food uses many shortcodes for building unique page customizations. It provides awesome typography and icons integrated with help of premium plugins. You will find responsiveness to all screen sizes and devices. Organic Food uses many header and sidebar custom options.  It comes with free updates and a recognized support team.

You also get compatibility with WooCommerce (for purchase) and WPML (for translations). Organic Food is built with Visualizer page builder. You will get an incredible panel with lots of specialized plug-ins support. It has add-ons like a calculator, charts and much more. Organic Food lets you introduce portfolio or blog pages to sell products or start forums. It uses a clean, appealing concept, vivid in color to make food products stand out. You will find many layout options and a child theme featured as well. Organic food is a Bold Themes creation and Elite Author product that will simply amaze you. If you are in the healthy food business, get it now…Get Organic Food!

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Gardening is a well crafted and specialized WordPress theme. It is fully dedicated to gardening, lawn, landscaping and nature meeting man. It has a commercial inclination, ideal for garden, flower shops. Gardening features awesome galleries, lists and pricing tables. Store Locator and WooCommerce plug-in are also featured. You will get 2 homepages and a one-click demo install. Gardening is responsive and provides +85 handcrafted elements to make building experience easy. It supports Parallax and uses 2 great sliders (Revolution Slider and Layer Slider).

Page builder is Visual Composer and framework is Unyson. Gardening is a theme meant for artists and nature lovers. People who love plants and gardening in all its formats, will love it! You will get a MegaMenu to arrange posts and unlimited headers and layouts. Also found, is a good set for fonts and icons (Google Fonts, Fonts Awesome and Stroke Gap).  Gardening is Contact Form 7, WPML and SEO compatible. Display with +4 columns your beautiful work or useful products. It all depends on your business orientation. Give a try to sell beautiful flower arrangements online, or just a shovel and some gloves. Whatever you want it will get added smoothly. Get oriented with custom support if you want…Try beautiful Gardening right now!

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avada healthy living WordPress theme

Avada is an amazingly flexible, incredibly fast loading, understated and warm WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, well suited for fulfilling the needs of all sorts of websites, whether they’re corporate blogs, news magazines, commercial outlets, professional firms or personal portfolios, and peculiarly well fitting for the design and creation of websites with a focus on green, environmentally sound, sustainable practices. Whether you’re a concerned blogger, a socially responsible corporation, a vocal nonprofit raising awareness or a business fully devoted to eco-friendly models, Avada is what you have been looking for.

Turn a new leaf with Avada’s endless color choices, typographical customization extended Admin panel customization options. Use the Fusion Builder to create new, exciting layouts starting fresh or recycling Avada’s many dozens of professionally designed layouts, which you can edit to your heart’s desire and until they perfectly match your desired brand and image. Engage your audience in a moving, heartfelt manner with Avada’s many smooth animations, transitions and special effects. Parallax scrolling will fascinate your viewers and let them process your content thoughtfully while bedazzled at its presentation. Avada is a theme for websites that want to build a new, greener future that can be sustained over the generations. Start laying the foundation for a better tomorrow, today, with Avada!

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Organic Web Shop

organic web shop ecommerce theme

If you are looking for a great WordPress eco theme that includes an unlimited color palette and extensive theme options, look no further than Organic Web Shop. The price of this theme is quite reasonable, especially when you consider the $46 of free plugins that you will receive. You will find that it will more than pay for itself in the long run. It is perfect for setting up your online shop, inspiring trust in your potential clients.

Due to the financial nature of this pursuit, a currency converter was added, lessening the discomfort of figuring out current exchange rates. However, cultural compatibility is not restricted to currency. Language can also be an important barrier, one that must be passed if you wish to have a broader customer base. Thankfully, Organic Web Shop offers multilingual support, a features that can include translations of your content, so that non-English speaking audiences can browse what you have to offer. After all, the internet is the only medium that has the potential to generate a true global market place.

If you wish to make an informed decision regarding the theme that you are about to purchase, consider viewing their live preview, along some with some free screenshots that they have posted. You also have the option to visit the developer’s website, or follow their activity on THEMEFOREST. For the veterans of the WordPress community, the term WooCommerce will not be a foreign one. It is a versatile and adaptable plugin, the thing that makes online shops possible. It’s not that it is the only option for commercial plugins, but people trust it.

Your visitors will be more likely to buy stuff from your site, if you are WooCommerce enabled. A support forum was included, and although it can be a little slower than a direct email or voice direct support line, it gets the job done. It should be mentioned that this theme is fully responsive. Your content can be displayed in high quality on smart phones, tablets and desktop PC, without any noticeable loss of loading time or resolution.

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organique healthy food shop

If your ambition is to open a prospering organic food shop, or any type of eco-friendly merchandising franchise, you will need a WordPress theme like Organique. It is modestly priced, and provides a large number of features and options that are sure to impress even the most hardened cynic. If the prospect of setting up your own page seems intimidating, but you do not have enough money to hire a professional company, you need not worry. Part of the credit goes to WordPress itself, as has a very simple and intuitive layout. Everything is where it needs to be, easily found and easily modified. However, the theme that you select will introduce another dimension to this process.

Thankfully, the developers were kind enough to include video tutorials and a free PSD. If you still have issues with navigating all of these options, their efficient support system can provide solutions in a timely manner. This theme can look amazing on any platform, as it is retina ready and responsive. The design is very clean, suited for high resolutions screens, even those of mobile devices. And now we get to the meat of the problem: the online shop itself.

The WooCommerce plugin is a community staple, trusted by a multitude of people from across the globe. With this plugin, you do not have wait, you can start selling immediately. The traditional way of constructing pages can be daunting, and a solution was needed in order to make it more user friendly. The intuitive page builder of Organique offers a better way of achieving good results, because it does most of the work. An ideal tool does all of the heavy technical lifting, leaving only aesthetic and organizational decisions to the user. No tool can ever compensate for good taste, it can only free your hands and let you focus on what’s important. All themes from this developer are translation ready, and it takes only a few moments in order to configure the Organique WPML plugin.

Your pages will be optimized for search engines, which ultimately increase traffic and merchandise revenue.

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Mr. Tailor


Mr. Tailor is a WordPress theme that can be easily customized. Many people use this product to create amazing online stores and websites. You do not have to begin from scratch, as Mr. Tailor’s setup process can import dummy data in order to get you started. Should you experience any problem, the resourceful support team can provide excellent advice. They are eager to help, as they can guide you through the customization process. As technology changes, your website must remain relevant. Once the theme is purchased, clients will gain access to a lifetime of free updates. A series of detailed guides and video tutorials are offered, informing new users and helping them to personalize their page.

Many premium WordPress plugins are included free of charge. These include the amazing Slider Revolution plugin, and the astounding Visual Composer. The customization options are extensive, as customers can craft a site that matches their vision. Fonts, color palettes and logos can be modified without the need to alter the theme’s code. Your site will have an added layer of depth, thanks to the impressive Parallax Sections. The resulting scroll effect will be highly interactive and dynamic. By visiting the Theme Options panel, admins can select a distinct header layout style.

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gaea environmental eco wordpress theme

Gaea is an eco-friendly WordPress theme that offers a series of useful features, designed to increase your website’s chances of success on the competitive market. It uses the innovative Twitter Bootstrap 3.2 framework, a fact that grants it full responsiveness, the capability of adapting to any device. This may seem commonplace nowadays, but we must take into consideration that proper mobile devices have only emerged recently. Traditional sites have issues with these phones and tablets, and the full responsiveness feature solves that. Gaea is modestly prices, especially given the overwhelming amount of content and innovation that it offers. It even goes the extra mile and gives you a revolution slider that is worth $18, for free.

A trusted friend of the WordPress commercial community, the WooCommerce plugin has also been enabled for Gaea, allowing for the establishment of great online stores in a safe environment. If you wish, you may also enable PayPal donations for your site. Recently, an event registration feature was enabled, enhancing the organizational ability of any website owner. It all depends of which route you want to take in promoting your cause. You may choose to setup a corporate or private site, designed to generate profit. Or you may choose the non-profit business model, relying on donations and advertisement revenue. Regardless, Gaea has the capabilities necessary for your proliferation and success.

This eco-friendly WordPress theme will never be finished, and that is a good thing. For as long as you choose to have it installed, you will benefit from useful updates that are designed to improve your experience, and adapt its features to the ever changing market place. In addition, more homepage template designs and new header design option will also be added. It should be mentioned that an HTML version was also included, and it can be swiftly downloaded as well. The support line representatives will be swift to answer any question regarding their service, and provide useful tips for the community.

On the aesthetic side of things, the design choice is gorgeous, and you should get a lot of followers for that reason alone. The event calendar can be displayed in glorious, full width resolution, and there are 2 main layout configurations. Each instance can be shown in either boxed or full screen settings.

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Organic Life

organic life eco friendly wordpress theme

As a society, if we are what we eat, then we must pay attention to our nutrition. Be it lowering the quality of food in order to make it cheaper, or the sad truth that the most damaging compounds are often the most delicious, there is a public obesity problem in most civilized countries. However, there is a backlash that aims to promote healthy living and eating. If you wish to promote and even capitalize on it, you need a solid web page. In many ways, an online portal is even more productive than a physical store, because no matter how good a store is, it will take time to get to it. Time is not a factor that many people have in abundance, so there is a tangible market that can be exploited.

If you have chosen WordPress as your primary online platform, you must also select a proper theme. Organic life is a good example of a product that manages to fit a certain niche, without being restrictive when it comes to design and layout choices. With Organic Life, the only thing that is pre-determined, is that it is an eco-friendly WordPress theme. Any other conceivable aspect can be modified or altered at will. It is also ready for translation, allowing for many users to enjoy your content and service, even if they do not have English as their primary language. You don’t have to be a marketing genius in order to realize that more people equals more earning potential. Of course, when dealing with an online store, integrating the fabulous WooCommerce plugin.

The theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0, and an awesome Revolution slider was also added. This allows the user to promote special sales and offers with ease. In addition to your more tangible product such as ingredients or even dishes, you may also maintain an enthralling blog. You will get to detail why this lifestyle is the right way to go, and how one could achieve it. Overall this is a solid theme that deserves your attention.

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environmental eco fueled wordpress theme

If you operate a non-profit organization and you want to purchase a theme that can help you to represent your views, be sure to give Environmental a try. The developers claim that it is a complete solution, and any honest reviewer would be inclined to believe them. It includes a nice drag and drop page builder, turning a complicated operation like page building, into a child’s game. You do not need to an IT specialist in order to pull this off. When freed from the burden of having to constantly consult tutorials, managing your own website can actually be quite pleasant. You will not only get to do what you love, but you will also have fun doing it. There is a well-known 3 step guide implemented, for those that need a little instruction.

This theme includes over 100 Google fonts, and a plethora of theme options that lets you cherry pick the options you prefer. Be sure to check out the live preview for more information. Nice-looking screenshots have also been made available. As previously mentioned this product is ideal for non-profit companies that aim to provide relief for animals, you save the environment. A good theme is defined by its ability to provide you with variation. Each picture, post and slider must be at your whim, and you sense of imagination will be the only limit. The features do not require you to input short codes or impossible templates. All that is needed can be found in the drag and drop templates.

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Organic Food

organic food healthy wordpress theme

As far as WordPress theme names go, you can’t really get more descriptive than this. Of course, the Organic Food skin allows you to customize and improve your website. It doesn’t matter if you are selling ingredients yourself, or simply supporting an advice column for those that wish to live healthy. Be it Organic blogging, shops or farms, this theme has all of the necessary coding and features in order to banish the very concept of mediocrity from your site.

For each possible industry niche that Organic Food might fulfill, they have created a demo web page. Using these, you will be able to get a general idea of such a page should look like. When it comes to customization, you can either start from scratch, or modify one of these existing demos. This product is fully supported by some very informative video tutorials aiding those that are not familiar with page creation. For even more information, you can check out the detailed documentation and the premium support forum feature. Every commonly asked question has been covered, so browse to your heart’s desire.

On the aesthetic side of things, this theme include Parallax background videos, full screen pictures, enticing animations and some very elegant typography. A visual composer was added, along with the WooCommerce plugin and full translation capabilities. Overall, this is a great theme that is deserving of your attention.

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eco go green living wordpress themes

Nothing can be more enthralling and encouraging than knowing that your cause is a just one. But just because your heart is in the right place, it does not mean that you are free from the burden of presenting your ideas in an attractive manner. One of the most efficient and effective way is via the online medium, namely websites. There are hardly any prolific people, companies and organizations in the world, that do not have a proper web page. They do it because it works, and so should you.

In trying to make it more attractive and presentable, you should consider WordPress themes such as ECO Responsive Environment. Basically, this product is a compilation of all features, plugins and short codes that maximizes your chances of getting noticed, and attracting a strong viewership base. There is also something liberating about getting the option to do whatever you want with your own web site. You will be able to pick its colors, organize the layout, and post content at will. This particular theme was designed after the developers have looked at the strongest tendencies in the industry. It is generally versatile, although primarily aimed at companies or individuals that are championing a cause of environmental awareness or animal rights.

As it is with any cause, you will at some point rely on donations. Thankfully, this theme integrates Crowdfunding support, allowing for the reception of donation in a safe, controllable environment. If you want to compensate for those donations by opening your own online store, you can do that because of the Woocommerce plugin. Regardless of the direction that you choose, be it donations or commercialization, ECO Responsive Environment supports you in your endeavor. The framework of the theme is based on the famous Twitter Bootstrap, granting your website the ability to display content on any device, free of any compatibility issues. A sound marketing strategy would be to attempt to reach a vast audience. However, not all people speak the same language, and that can be a problem. This specific theme has integrated WPML support, so you can translate your pages and posts with ease.

It also includes a timeline, limitless color palettes, galleries, a blog, team pages and even a Layer Slider. It should be mentioned that the pages are optimized for search engines. When people type specific keywords related to your field, your web page is much more likely to show up due to this optimization.

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